Globomatik Importer module by Informax User Guide

Welcome to the Globomatik importer’s user guide ¿What does the module? Download Module Licence Module Installation Connection Data Manage Categories Manual Process Settings SEO Tab Statistics Latest Products Licence This module is in charge of importing the Globomatik catalog and updating it. It imports the products, manufacturers, categories and images, and keep them updated. When […]

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App Shopify

Welcome to the instruction manual of our Shopify-integrated App which integrates various dropshipping suppliers. This app makes the process of creating products with or without sizes provided by the suppliers within Shopify an automated one. To access the App you must enter through the Shopify menu: Once you clicked on “Apps”, you must select the […]

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App Shopify Prices

In this manual we will show you how to change prices in our Shopify App. First of all, emphasise changing prices is a progresive task, is not an immediate task. Since prices are changed, a lap of statistics process must be performed before all references has been updated. You can use any app for changing […]